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British and American literature 2

  • ECTS

    3 crédits

  • Code Apogée


  • Composante(s)

    UFR Langues et Civilisations

  • Période de l'année

    Semestre 6


The first half of this course will allow you to discover one of the founding works of Chicano literature, Bless Me, Ultima (1972), a coming-of-age novel combining magic realism with an exploration of the social and identity issues faced by Chicanos in the modern United States.

Then, we shall study The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams, Henry Fielding’s first full-length novel, published in 1742 and defined by this English author as a “comic epic poem in prose”. Narratological issues will be studied, as well as the social, political and gender dimensions of the text.

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Contrôle des connaissances

Session 1 :

  • Étudiants régime général : examen terminal écrit (questions de cours et/ou commentaire et/ou dissertation, 3 h)
  • Étudiants régime spécial : examen terminal écrit (questions de cours et/ou commentaire et/ou dissertation, 3 h)

Session 2 (« rattrapage ») :

Étudiants régime général et régime spécial : oral 15 minutes (préparation 1h).

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Informations complémentaires

Organisation des enseignements

Cours magistral : 1 heure hebdomadaire par programme

Travaux dirigés : 1 heure 30 hebdomadaire par programme

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Ouvrages au programme :

  • American literature : ANAYA, Rudolfo. Bless Me, Ultima (1972). New York and Boston : Grand Central Publishing, 2008.
  • British literature : FIELDING, Henry. The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and of his Friend Mr. Abraham Adams. 1742. (any authoritative edition will do, but chapter, page and line references will be made to the Norton Critical Edition (1987), edited by Homer Goldberg) In the university library, copies of reliable editions by Dover, Penguin and Oxford UP are all available.


Bibliographie complémentaire :

Autour de Joseph Andrews :

  • Useful recent academic articles on specific aspects of the novel will be posted on E-campus.
  • BAKER, Ernest A. The History of the English Novel : from Richardson to Sterne. Vol. IV. Intellectual Realism. NY : Barnes and Noble. 1960. [cote 823 BAKE H]. Egalement disponible en ligne : https://archive.org/stream/historyoftheengl012090mbp/historyoftheengl012090mbp_djvu.txt]
  • BATTESTIN, Martin C. The Moral Basis of Fielding's Art, a Study of Joseph Andrews. Middletown : Wesleyan UP. 1967. [cote 82 FIEL 2]
  • JOHNSON, Maurice (ed.). Fielding's art of fiction : eleven essays on Shamela, Joseph Andrews, Tom Jones, and Amelia. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press. 1969. [cote 82 FIEL 2 JO]
  • KAHN, Madeleine. Narrative Transvestism : Rhetoric and Gender in the Eighteenth-century English Novel. Ithaca : Cornell UP. 1991. [cote 82 DEFO 2]
  • PAULSON, Ronald (ed.). Fielding : a Collection of Critical Essays. Englewood Cliffs : Prentice-Hall. 1962. [cote 82 FIEL 2]
  • PONS, Christian et Jean DULCK. Samuel Richardson : Pamela ; Henry Fielding : Joseph Andrews. Paris : Librairie Armand Colin. 1970. [cote 82 RICHS 2 PO]
  • RICHETTI, John. The English Novel in History : 1700-1780. London : Routledge. 1999. [cote 823 RICH E]
  • VAREY, Simon. Space and the Eighteenth-century English Novel. Cambridge : Cambridge UP. 1990. [cote 823 VARE S]
  • WATT, Ian. The Rise of the Novel : Studies in Defoe, Richardson and Fielding. Londres : Penguin Books. 1968. [cote 823 WATT R]
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